Installation Services

We’ll listen to your requirements and produce an installation plan that fits. Once you’re happy, our engineers will get to work and make sure everything is finished on time and to spec.

Network Cabling

Network cabling (including fibre optic) is a type of hardware used to enable the efficient transfer of data between you business’ various devices. The type of cabling you need will depend on a number of factors, such as where you’re located and what you want to achieve.


No matter what product or service you choose, we offer testing as part of the installation process to make sure everything is in working order for you and your team.


If you encounter a problem with your IT or telecoms, we can fix it for you. We’ll trace the problem to its root, implement a solution and verify everything’s in working order.

Telephone systems

Whether you’re in need of a localised phone system or a cloud based solution, we can source the right options for you. See below for more information on the types of systems we install.

IP and Analogue CCTV

We can install analogue or digital IP security systems in your business premises. There are benefits to both - analogue tends to cost less but the image quality is better on digital.

Access control

Again, in order to maximise your office’s security, we can install an intercom system at the building’s main entry point(s).